Womens overalls made in NZ



Quotes Hi Guys I recived a pair of your overalls as a xmas present, I am a older farmer and these are the greatest things I have ever worn on the farm , So thanks heaps for haveing the great idea!!!!!!!! Quotes

Quotes Hi Zane Thanks for sending through the overalls so promptly. I love them- wore them all day on the first weekend I was back out at the farm and could have quite happily worn them to bed! Absolutely love them. Quotes

Quotes I just wanted to let you know I absolutly love your overalls.My Mother bought them for me as BD present at the Hamilton Fielday.I have found them to be the most comfortable & convenient article of clothing.I live on a farm in the KingCountry,but I used to do a lot of travel overseas,mostly backpacking.I would have loved to have had your overalls in my backback. Im planning to buy another pair next Field Day.For me personaly,I like low key colors,& would like to see black, browns,moccha, creams,earth colors.I have your green & Khaki pair. Regards Quotes

Quotes I am a dairy nutritionist and I wear my Zanux overalls when I am observing cows on farm visits. I have been doing this job in various places around the world for the past 15 years and have always had to cover up my feminity in drab old coveralls! I was thrilled when I tried on my first pair of Zanux! It is so nice to be able to express my individual personal style when I am out with the cows! On a practical level the bottom zip is a great time saver! Quotes
Cheers, Andrea

Quotes Just to let you know my overalls arrived last week and I LOVE them! When I showed the boys at the cow shed how they zip 1/2 off at waist and how you can adjust how tight they fit around the wrists, they were green with envy!!! Love the knee pad inserts too! Great work thanks heaps! Quotes

Quotes Way to go Zane. These are great and so comfortable on, everything thought of, and thought through so well. Love ya website! Quotes
Tracey Donald

Quotes What a neat product! I've got so tired of wearing baggy overalls I tend not to bother with them anymore... so I will definately be looking into purchasing a pair of these fantastic WOMENS overalls! Thanks Quotes

Quotes Can't believe iv finally found some pink overalls! Finally im going to have something comfy to wear and also stand out from the men that are on farm!!! Quotes
Kirstin Morgan

Quotes A fantastic overall. It fits great and very comfy. Love the toilet Zip, made my boys laugh but very convenient. Quotes