Womens overalls made in NZ


About us

Hi, my name is Zane'. When I was a teenager and had a dream of having my own fashion label, I never thought it would be run from a small farm house near the ocean about 17,000 kms away from my home town! If only we knew where life is going to take us! I was born in Latvia (Eastern Europe). After going to London and studying for a fashion degree, in the last year of studies, I met a kiwi guy and fell in love, next thing you know I've got to adjust from life in London to a farmlife in New Zealand! The result: creation of Zanux brand! Fashion and farm sounds contrasting? Maybe, but I have realised it is such a common combination in many kiwi women’s lives. Although living in the country means you sometimes don't see anyone for days, we are still women who like to look nice and spoil ourselves with a treat now and then. Zanux is just that, a treat for you!

Now being a NewZealand resident, I feel like at home and love this country. Keeping it local is Zanux policy and the support of local businesses when it comes to making Zanux products is a priority. Zanux is run by a small team and is based in the South Wairarapa, New Zealand.